The Creators

Meet the team behind the Lenco-MD record player


The Creators

The Lenco-MD record player was created by a group of tech enthusiasts and vinyl lovers from the Qeske Community

The Qeske Community is an innovative platform of inventors and creatives. A platform open to ideas, tinkering and education. A place where people, companies and ideas come together in an informal setting. Qeske is a Community that combines New Economy – New Technology – New Educational Models to create innovative disruptive shared IP. The Quattro Helix Model is put into a working condition: Education-Entrepreneurship-Politics-Citizen-participation.

Lenco is a synonym for Swiss engineering precision in the Hi-Fi and consumer electronics field for more than 70 years. Lenco collaborates with the Qekse Community on the creation of the Lenco-MD record player with the sourcing of hardware components and general advisory.

The Team

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World's first 3D Printed, modular record player