The Lenco-MD is a truly unique record player with great audio quality and an aesthetic design. Its modular design allows customization and experimentation.


Top features of the Lenco-MD record player

3D Printed

The future of manufacturing meets the record player

The Lenco-MD record player is world’s first 3D printed record player. 3D printing offers exciting new manufacturing possibilities like using green materials, creative designs, customization & experimentation. Most parts of the Lenco-MD are 3D printed and spare parts can easily be reprinted. You own a 3D Printer? Check out the Lenco-MD 3D Print Kit and 3D print your own record player at home.


Upgradable record player

No more limitations – you pick the features of your record player. The Lenco-MD consists of multiple modular units. It is super easy to swap them and change the colors / functionality of your record player. If you are a maker and into tinkering you can now create your own modules using our pre-set designs or start from scratch. Add your favorite tonearm, create a new damping system or alter the design. The only limit is your imagination.

Aesthetic design

Eye catching record player

Contemporary record players often have a rather unambitious design. Lenco-MD is inspired by the classic Lenco record players and has a very destinctive design of round shapes and visually striking elements like the tonearm. With Lenco-MD you not only get a great record player, but you add an eye catcher to your living room, office or work place. Available in a wide variety of color variations.

Unipivot tonearm

Perfectly balanced

The Lenco-MD features a special tonearm, with a visually fascinating mechanical framework. Since the tonearm is perfectly balanced around a unipivot bearing, it does not skew or favor one groove side over the other. It reduces the ubiquitous resonances and frictions to an absolute minimum.


Made from renewable resources

The Lenco-MD record player is made of PLA, a biodegradable, bioactive and recyclable polymer material. PLA is derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch and sugarcane. Don’t worry, degradation of the material will only occur under certain conditions (right temperature, humidity, bacteria, enzymes).


Made for tinkering and experimentation

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World's first 3D Printed, modular record player